Sunday, July 24, 2011

Between Us

The distance between you and me
As we swim in the lake
Is only our breath.
The distance between you  and the sun
Is the whole sky.
The distance between me and the setting sun
Is only my outstretched arms.
See! I touch fingers of gold,
And you braid it into my blazing hair
As you comb your fingers through it.
The distance between the setting sun and us
Is only our skin.

October 2009


  1. This is a really cool poem. Consider this one for the Poetry Pantry on Sunday...people will dig it!

  2. I think this is my absolute favourite of all your poems, Lillian. I have never forgotten the beautiful image of the swimmers in the lake at sunset.

    You are welcome to link up any poems old or new at Real Toads on Monday.

  3. So lovely, Lillian. I love "I touch fingers of gold". So beautiful.