Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Burden Shared

Bent oaks absorb the incessant drizzle
On dark thick shoulders,
Dripping excess on the ground below.
Shading deeper with wetness,
They bow closer to the ground
With the weight of great gray clouds
Like a pall upon their backs.
And when the wind moves through them -
A shiver of cold -
They shift a heavy burden in unison.

written October, 1973; published on poemhunter May 2009 and poetfreak March 2010


  1. I can see the weight of clouds "like a pall upon their backs" and love the idea of the heavy burden being shifted in unison. You see deeply with a poet's eyes, where someone else would see a wet tree! Wonderful writing!

  2. The personification of your trees reminds me that they too have a life, though different from mine, and a purpose.
    I love the final line. Superb work.