Friday, December 31, 2010

A Picasso Morning

Pre-dawn on the Caprock
Is a flat, even line of horizon
Appearing out of the night -
A solitary stroke to indicate a mouth.
Slowly earth and sky
Unpurse their lips;
Muscles slacken to reveal
The subtle shades of rose
As the sun approaches its entrance.
Hidden light washes
Away stars with the glisten
That perspires from dreams.
Then a golden bubble
Emerges from that mouth
And floats into the morning.
Unable to be sad for long,
This blue child smiles.

Written May, 1983 (First published on PoemHunter, and poetfreak)


  1. VERY beautiful. I love "slowly earth and sky unpurse their lips"..........brilliant. I saw the entire thing, with joy, through your words.

  2. One of my favourites - the personification adds such dimension to the idea of a living Earth. I just love the image of the sun rising as a golden bubble from the horizon's mouth. Entirely frsh and original work.