Friday, December 3, 2010

'When I Saw the City in a Fog...'

When I saw the city in a fog -
the towers dimly there,
losing their heads in grayness -
I suddenly knew
the earth had dreamed us,
dreamed us all:
the weeds themselves
nosing out of slumber,
skyscrapers and radio antennae
blinking tired red eyes to heaven,
cars with muffled honks
probing the dark stillness with lights
like blind men's outstretched arms;
and me, shivering in wet shoes
because the park's damp privacy
was too inviting to refuse.
And when the earth finally awakens,
will we all collapse inside that head? 

written March 1979, published on poemhunter 4/20/2009 and poetfreak 11/21/2009 


  1. This is why I love your poetry:
    I suddenly knew the earth had dreamed us...
    That is such a beautiful image and filled with imaginative truth.

  2. Hi Lillian, your poetry is so beautiful. My favourite lines are the same as Kerry's - "I suddenly knew the earth had dreamed us." At times it must think it had a nightmare:) but when a human can write a beautiful poem like this, it must know it had the right idea!