Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Wake to Love

I wake to love,
And surely I must be dreaming:
This world that had been draped
In drab colors, muted tones
Of a half-lit world like winter
With the half-hung sun
Making a half-hearted limp across the sky.
Now colors come alive,
Swim in swirling exultation!
I have to walk around and smell and see
This world morphed into beauty.
I feel like the caterpillar
That had folded into its chrysalis
Only to emerge with variegated wings.
I pinch myself again and again
To waken me from this dream;
But eventually I come to realize
It was I who had been dreaming before,
And now I have wakened to love and life.

written and published on poetfreak July 2010


  1. Such a rich and wonderful poem, full of the joy and beauty of living. Just lovely, Lillian.

  2. It's a lovely piece of awakening. I like your "half-hung sun". That's music.

  3. Very nice work. I like the strong images you use.

  4. Wonderfully written! A world of beauty! So happy to have you at Poets United.

  5. What a neat site and beautiful poetry... love it :)
    Short Poems

  6. You have the enviable ability to tap right in to human emotion and transcribe it on the page. Remarkable work.