Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Pierce the Mist

On my way to meet you
I remember our first
Encounter months ago.
Again I drive through the night
For the second time,
Making my way from the coast
To the Hill Country
With fog enveloping my car.
As a canoe would pierce
The delicate skin of water,
So too I pierce the mist and the fine
Membrane of time that is tomorrow
And part its sensual lips --
So moist and so mysterious,
I am tingling with anticipation
As I enter into unknown territory
Like a diver into the darker depths
Or like your kiss that sucked me into
Your world where I move eagerly
But quietly into your body --
Full of awe and reverent
In the presence of this soul
So much like me and so different.

February 2004


  1. To me this is a good companion piece to your "Through the Windows". That soul so much like you that soars the thermals.

  2. Wowzers, Lillian, this is beautiful, romantic and so well written. I love the idea of piercing the mist like a canoe parting the waters - that is a very fine image. The feeling of anticipation is palpable. You are definitely having a more romantic life than I am these days:) Enjoy!!

  3. Your poetry often leaves me breathless...This is the case..Thank you.