Friday, March 4, 2011

Sound of the Downpour

So much rain has come down
Seems that everything has melted
And become a liquid.
The sound of the downpour
Has been embedded in my ear,
Like the muted downbeat of breakers
In the curling innards of the conch shell,
From so many years sitting empty
On the ocean floor, being nudged along by currents,
Then bobbing ashore with dead fish
And purple blobs of Man-o'-wars,
Caught in tangled nets,
And finally thrown deep into dunes
By a rogue wave or tsunami,
Where it waits for tides to return
And take it home to the sea.
And all the while it hears that drumming surf
Echoing down its spiral staircase,
And it whispers back the sacred chant of waves.

So this rain remains in me
As the underlying wisdom I have learned
And becomes -- like breath, like heartbeat --
The rhythm of my poems.


  1. Oh this is incredibly beautiful......"it whispers back the sacred chant of waves"....."and becomes.....the rhythm of my poems." So wonderful! Perfection!

  2. I love every image you have created and placed so loving on the line... Water reminds us of our own emotions, becomes the rhythm of life and art. Superb work, Lillian.