Friday, March 11, 2011

Through the Windows

Through the windows
Of my body you enter--
And suddenly I see my world anew:
My drab house is full of light.
Through the half-opened skylight
Your energy streams.
Through these apertures
Your aura slips.
Through fenestra
Your music flows
Like cool fresh air.
Through my secret portholes
your plasma swims.
Some of these hatches
Have been locked so long
I've lost the keys,
And the tumblers have rusted.
But you have come
Armed with your own master key.
With aromatic oils,
You anoint the inner workings
Until the right movements crack the vault.
You have pierced my inner sanctum,
And my heart's doors are standing agape,
Unfurling as the wings of the dove.
You can feel the flutter
As they beat the air before flight.
And we will rise together in the updraft
As the heat of our passion
creates thermals for our souls to soar
Through the windows.


  1. Wow, this is a sizzling poem. I so love the house full of light, the half-open skylight, and I especially love "the right movements crack the vault" and "my heart's doors are standing agape." Fabulous! I love the dove's wings, fluttering. Just beautiful, Lillian! So good.

  2. Ah, to find one to share the find a soul so blessed.

    Lovely poem.