Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breathing as One

[dedicated to John, August-September, 2010
"That which dreams in you /Dreams in me." Anonymous. An unknown friend left that with a few other lines in a college notebook many years ago. Someone told me it was a loose translation of a line from Pablo Neruda's Sonnet LXXXI :"Already you are mine. Rest with your dream inside my dream." Ya eras mia. Reposa con tu sueno en mi sueno."]

That which breathes in you,
Breathes in me.
For every exhale as you doze
I inhale the images from your fantasy,
And I hear the music from your trance
Echo in my dark sleep
Where we dance to that melody and share
Our song of love.
You see we are joined at the heart,
As mystics have long believed:
A soul has two halves --
Male and female in equal parts --
As they imagined God to be.
Then at birth the soul splits
Only to be reunited if once grown
That pair finds each other
In the world and weds.
So we share a common space;
We commune in one spirit.
For every kiss there are two halves
Just as there are two sets of lips
And on each side the nerves
Of touch excite both skins;
The nerves of hunger
Delve into this feast,
As we feed each other
Mouthfuls of sweet liquid and tongues.
The nerves of sound
Resound with our moans,
Our cries of joy.

And later after the heavenly soaring
We nestle into each other,
Purring with deep snores
That seep into this bicameral soul.
"And that which dreams in you
Dreams in me."

written August-September, 2010


  1. That is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. ♥ Thank you.